Almost anyone reading this article is certainly aware of the increased levels of anti-Jewish sentiment that has been intensifying not only here in America, but most unequivocally within the continent of Europe. While the crux of this ‘new antisemitism’ is undeniably brought on by the Arab/Muslim onslaught and the spineless, murderous immigration policies of most European and American leaders, there are some barely talked about Uncomfortable truths about Black-Jewish relations and Black Antisemitism that the politically correct ‘leftists’ have been hiding from us yet, at the same time “exploiting” here in America for many years.


If we take some recent statistics from the ADL (Anti Defamation League; one of the oldest Jewish Organizations… statistics is about the only thing that they do get right about anything Jewish) about 12% of Americans have some deeply entrenched anti-Semitic views.

However, over 30% of Black Americans and Latinos hold such views. Given that they are almost 30% of the population, this suggest that of the 12% above, 9% or so are black or Latinos. To put it more simply, less than 5% of whites, Asians and “other groups” combined hold some kind of Jewish bias or anti-Semitic views as compared to over 30% of Blacks and Latinos- at least of the people who are willing offer their opinions to pollsters.


The early onslaught and progress of the Civil Rights movement was started by Jewish Lawyers, corporate heads and college activists along with millions of donations from reform and so called ‘conservative’ Temples here in America. To say that this movement might never have come to be is an understatement without the Jews who supported them. The historical tie to Jewish extreme “liberal” politics is one of the deciding factors in this mix.

At the organizational level, American Jews marched with blacks, voted for the highly laudable civil rights legislation, supported welfare and other give-away programs for blacks. In return, initially, blacks supported pro-Israel legislation in Congress.

Antisemitism amongst many blacks were somewhat non-existent in these early days. The formation of the NAACP (started by Jews) had black leaders like W.E.B Dubois and Ralph Bunche who were very supportive of the newly formed state of Israel. The NAACP endorsed its creation and received much support from the up and coming civil rights leader Martin Luther King.

This all changed and came to full fruition after the 1967 Arab/Israeli war as a new left had come into being a few years earlier which intricately revealed a not so subtle, deep envy and jealousy that had been brewing among many black “so called” leaders for some time. All of a sudden, Israel was a ‘Zionist Occupier’ and Jews were the oppressors. Things have never been the same since. Unfortunately, human nature dictates that the more people ‘overtly give’, the more the receiver seems to resent the giver. “Spoil the child and they’ll spit on you at every chance”.


Americans have since been left to believe and wonder, “Why do American Jews identify with the Black community to such a degree?” The answers here may be somewhat politically incorrect to deal with but in fact, have much to do with a tragically maladjusted and deformed liberal way of thinking that has been propagated since the late sixties.

Many of the reformed synagogues as well as countless Jewish Organizations” e.g,  the UJA, AJC and ADL, to name but a few, as well as the abundance of left leaning Jewish professors who taught in Americas finest schools had hoodwinked the more “right leaning” Jewish groups into believing most of this poppycock.  Let’s look a bit deeper.

1. The Jewish people and organizations listed above have always been abundantly guilt ridden; embedded with a deep lack of self-worth and a NEED to be loved by the world! What is worse, they desperately need society and the mostly Gentile world to understand this! (We call this the ‘Galut’ mentality-Exile) Underestimating the intelligence of most people, they need to be seen as the most self-righteous and MOST CARING people in all America, particularly in the eyes of Gentiles whom, in some cases, they secretly distrust with a passion.

2. As these self-destructive and guilt ridden Jewish leaders pushed their liberal followers to believe that there was a huge shared legacy between Blacks and Jews; both having been slaves, deep down, every Jew inside knows that there is little else that these two groups ever had in common. As far as history, culture and average education levels, the two groups are in completely separate worlds. As most blacks understand or seemingly accept this, they’re smart enough to see through this phoniness and altruistic nonsense.

Unfortunately, most left-wing Jews prefer not to recognize this underlying contempt they truly have for Black Americans. They have covered this up by pandering to them like children instead of letting them “grow” and face the world on their own as almost every nationality or ethnic group has done since the entry of the Civil Rights Act came into being.

While Gentile America quickly observes this ridiculous ‘Jewish pandering over time, it inevitably has invoked more hatred from them and the Jewish community in general as a result! This hypocrisy alone has been responsible for breeding more black hatred of the Jewish people.

3. As these liberal Jews are mainly concerned with uplifting themselves in the eyes of the world and blacks particularly, THIS OVERBEARING rhetoric, towards black people concerning the basic tenets of the major religions, e.g. to  “help those that cannot help themselves” is all the more revealing as a psychological problem. These excessive feelings of guilt (???) and being responsible for “black repression” and the world’s problems are concealed deep within them (the late Rabbi Meir Kahane, hy” d. used to say that most Jews need a “national couch”

4. HISTORICAL ALLIANCES? — Question: How can these Jews, whose foundation was built on a 4000-year culture, strong and a disciplined moral values as well as a huge, over representational influence in the development of the modern world, find almost anything in common with American blacks.? That being said, statistics consistently show that the average black family has totally disintegrated–making up for most of today’s crime because of the lack of parental discipline, inexpiable unwed birth rates, as well as a deficiency in family structure and morals.

Even with the disastrous and debilitating effects of “affirmative action” (again pushed by liberal Jews) many in the black community do not understand till this day the need to educate oneself; this being a total anathema to all Jews. (even the radical leftists who though without much common sense, can at least claim to have book smarts!)


Unfortunately, but quite predictably, our ‘thank you’ for all of the above has been the prevalent and continued anti-Semitic attacks in the 1980’s by Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and recently, Obama’s spiritual mentor, Reverend Jeremiah Wright. (The latter likes to lump in a bit of “white man” hatred as well). Of course, the most recent outbursts by the filthy, propagandist in chief, Louis Farrakhan, is really nothing new to us as this devil in disguise has been preaching his Jewish and white vitriol since the late 1980’s. (How ironic that all of them have been named “Reverends”- indeed!)

Let us not forget the current crop of Democratic Congressmen and women who currently have direct contact and support from Louis Farrakhan. The “brain dead” miscreants listed here are all part of the notorious “Black National Caucus” including the President Trumps poster child,  “high IQ” California Rep. Maxine Waters –as well as Barbara Lee; Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison  and of course New York’s Gregory Meeks to name just a few.


There still remains a small minority in the American Jewish Community (mostly secular liberals) who continue to “pander” to these Black Organizations and individuals that have and never would lift one finger to help a Jewish group or cause no less march for the State of Israel. These Jews repressed psychological problem continues to evade them into believing that it is more important to be SEEN supporting individual Black organizations and/or politicians while receiving NOTHING back in return (except self flagellation, which they seem to love) than to think of helping or  supporting their own people both here and in Israel.

Looking back retrospectively,  SOME Jews, while in the last 50 years have been seeking to make our world a “Utopian Fantasy” may finally be coming to recognize that this “historic coalition” has always been a manufactured delusion as we finally begin to see that Jews, just like all ethnic groups, should prioritize OUR interests first!

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