Vintage and Sound is always on the lookout for talented writers with a passion for fine wine and an interest in high quality music and sound reproduction. Our blog is quite new but with hard work, talent and a bit of luck, we hope to grow into a worthwhile yet distinctively different addition to the online world of wine and music appreciation. 

As our specialty is the smaller, more eclectic wineries in California as well as around the world, we would hope that you will have a background in the world of fine wine, being an enthusiast who may be blessed with a fine palate as well!  Hopefully, you can transform your tasting abilities to paper in an intriguing way! You may have been in the business previously and/or are writing for yourself. If that’s the case, we would love to examine some of your work, be it published or not, or even some drafts or manuscripts you may have worked on for fun. We will be regularly publishing essays, opinions and actual reviews of esoteric wines from all parts of the world.

As you can see from our blog title, we also are endeavoring in a hobby of mine that I have been passionately active in since I was a teenager; music and sound reproduction. While I hope to be a bit different by concentrating mostly on the classics and film music, great music of all kinds is appreciated and a key to this site. And how else to appreciate recorded music than with the finest high definition audio components that define the state of the art today? Some years back, I edited my own audiophile subscription magazine and it was quite rewarding and fulfilling. If you have that passion as an audiophile as we like to call them, you may be the person we would like to have aboard. Once again, send us some samples you’ve written on music and/or high definition audio component reproduction for us to browse over. You don’t have to be a professional; just someone with loads of PASSION!

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