RAWASSERTIONS was conceived in an effort to share and voice my opinions and ideas on today’s conservative views and discourse in the American political arena. I hope to present  discreet, factual and sometimes Politically Incorrect commentary and essays that may bridge the gap between what most people think in the comfort of their homes and what they say!

I also want to engage readers with a plethora of informative content pertaining to the state of Israel and Jewish thought as well as some assertive commentary on cutting edge wine from around the world, high definition audio reproduction,  Classical music, pop and historic film scores.

Independence is the WORD here and this site is definitely not aimed at the Politically Correct amongst you. Your feedback and comments are encouraged and essential!

Howard Milstein grew up in Long Island, New York and studied Political Science and Music in college. Having spent most of his career as an Entrepreneur in retail wine, he is an acclaimed ‘eonophile’. However, his interests and hobbies have deeply broadened over the years revolving around conservative political causes both in America and Israel. He

He has contributed political essays throughout his college years while also editing  his own subscription based audiophile/music journal in the late 1980’s. As an avid wine connoisseur, he currently writes monthly columns for the Napa Valley Spotlight. Although a true born New Yorker at heart, he recently moved to the Napa Valley where he resides with his wife.

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