The overwhelming and pitiful criticism of Jeff Sessions bible immigration quote by the “religious left “and fake news media has been destructive and ostentatiously immoral in their analogous reference to the Attorney General’s statement on illegal immigration enforcement in America. Session’s use of the Bible in order to defend separating illegal children from our southern border is overtly based on concrete biblical ideas!

Truth be told, while the Attorney Generals quote may have been taken “out of the proper context” of the original scriptures true meaning, if one bothers to look a bit deeper into the Hebrew Bibles description of these topics, he does not discredit himself from the fact that in most ways, the bible supports keeping our countries borders safe and distinctly secure from amnesty for illegal immigrants and if need be, their children!

Sessions defends America and the Bible

Contrary to the abundance of ‘non-thinkers ‘on the left who have recently been spewing forth their venom, border control and nation sovereignty is totally MORAL; both biblically, socially and politically. (Any theologian worth his salt knows this to be incontrovertible) It most certainly was mandated to protect Americans now (and Israel in biblical times) from the abuse and evil that has permeated throughout society from time immemorial.

The self-righteous liberal apologists and fake news media who demand amnesty and open borders for illegal immigrants have been bombarding our minds with the idea that this is a victimless crime; it is not. It decimates the lives of the American people—you hear that simpletons…! INNOCENT AMERICANS and legal immigrants, particularly those in the most vulnerable sectors of our population—minorities, the poor and children are being used by democrats as a way to undermine their HATRED for our president and believe it or not—our country!


It is clearly evident that the immigration debate has been misrepresented by the majority of religious scholar’s; the self-proclaimed “theologians”, pundits, religious leaders and without any doubt, the unabashedly and pretentiously ignorant liberal media. (most of whom would describe themselves as secular and/or atheists in any event, to say the least!)

How ironic it is that these political leftists, who normally would abstain from treating Jewish and Christian Scriptures as a source of authority when it pertains to any public policy have effectively picked up their previously untouched Bibles to use for the immigration debate.

And of course, the passage that the high and mighty are all using: “When a stranger resides with you in the land, you shall not oppress the stranger. He shall be to you as a citizen amongst you”. Quite religiously observant, would you not say?  But there is a big problem here. The problem being is that these people make the most simplistic correlation between ancient Israel’s social law and today’s situation in America; here there must be a pertinent distinction.


Trump defends borders as in Bible Taking into account the Hebrew Scripture’s TRUE intent and instructions on the “stranger” we must first ask two fundamental questions: What is a “stranger” and how did the people obtain that status?

The word “ger” in Hebrew means stranger or sojourner: or even more so, a foreigner to the land or an immigrant; not a citizen. As a truthful and factual example of this, in the meaning of today’s “Jewish State” for example, all the Arabs are theoretically (and today, factually) what we call a “Gers”.

A ‘Ger Toshav’ in Hebrew is a resident stranger and/or convert if indeed, they converted to Judaism. Hence, they are given the opportunity to become a citizen of the state. As it stands today, at least by Jewish Law, all the Arabs, even citizens in Israel are just “Gers” or strangers in the land as most have not converted or pledged true allegiance to Israel.

As the word “Ger” means foreigner, we must always respect the foreigner as any other person, providing that the stranger follows the laws of our land; follows the LAWS! (Does this ring a bell as to what is happening right now with the illegals on our southern border??)

Of course, Israel’s Democracy as evidenced today and since the state was formed has changed since ancient times (unfortunately in many ways for its citizens and Jews) and, has given Arabs who accept and adopt Israel as their country (oxymoron!) without becoming Jews, the opportunity to become full citizens or “resident strangers” who have all the rights that any Jew does, even without conversion!

(Side point: Torah law states that a “Ger Toshav”, no less a “Ger”, shall not dwell in your land less they cause you to sin against me and to worship other gods”.)


The above passage pertaining to loving the ‘stranger in your land’ as beautiful as it sounds, conceals the true meaning as it applies to  illegal immigrants and their children (?) in America today. That being said, Jeff Sessions intentions were undeniably correct and honorable! It would be a good idea for most of the left wingers and so called “scholars” to go back to Sunday School or pick up a book on Jewish Law.

Illegal immigrants compared to Holocaust

In those days, as it is today, it is unequivocally true that all nations need sovereign borders as was demanded and observed in Jewish Law. The ancient Israelite’s were well aware then (as Israel is today) of the dangers to its people that the neighboring lands could have on the country itself.

A one world government, with open borders as demanded by many progressive anarchists, as absurd as it sounds, is the main rant with today’s leftists; most of whom do not have the intellect to understand the results of this ridiculously immature, ignorant and totally immoral way of thinking.

Is this immoral you ask? Quite definitively!  The bible does state, in fact: “Whoever saves one life it is considered as if he saved an entire world.” Let’s update this to our country today.

I ask you… what of the countless, god fearing AMERICAN LIVES that could have been saved if our borders were secured from countless criminal and murderous people whom we have let cross over to America illegally? What about the anguish and destruction that has taken place to the families of American citizens and innocents by just one criminal illegal who never should have been here in the first place? Is this not TRUE MORALITY? What about the atrocious acts of the parents of these migrants and illegals, who abhorrently throw these innocent children to the traffickers and smugglers for a pittance? All the people who are crying for these illegal migrants should maybe look inside their hearts and minds and ask themselves those questions!


These passages from the Old Testament, and Jewish Law make it quite plain that aliens or strangers who lawfully become citizens quite obviously, receive all of Americas protections and rights whereas a “Ger” or foreigner should not.! Therefore, it is wrong to confuse these two categories of foreigners as the ridiculous, asinine media and many scholars and theologians proclaim to us otherwise!

The illegal aliens and their children that are harboring our southern border currently (through NO FAULT of the victimized American people) are “Gers” or foreigners and are subject to and mandated to follow the current immigration laws of America.


Our purpose here is to recognize that Mr. Sessions may have innocently used a passage in scripture out of context in order to prove a truthful point regarding illegal immigrants and the mis- management, abuse and separation of their children from their dishonest and corrupt parents.

Let us not easily forget that many of these children, whom the insincere liberals feel so sorry for,  are being sent to our borders, for the most part, by the most reprehensible drug cartels in Mexico and are not vetted properly for background checks. Many of these young kids do not even belong to these migrant parents. Many of the older ones may, indeed, have criminal records and are being coached by traffickers who want to decimate our borders.

These people are being tutored by countless reprehensible attorneys on what to say in order to push them through our border patrol protections– brave men and women who are doing everything possible to protect the citizens of this country. All Americans deserve and should demand a ‘zero-tolerance’ policy on illegal immigration in order to keep the lives of all good Americans and legal immigrants safe and secure…case closed!

Much of the blame lies on previous presidents administrations, particularly the Obama administration, whose agency during his tenure allowed migrant kids to be tied up, and abused in solitary confinement while being denied health treatment in 2015 and 2016. Thankfully, President Trump has finally abrogated the disgusting ‘Catch and Release’ program that the Hussein Obama Administration had reinstated in 2016.

Under President Trump’s current ‘zero-tolerance’ policy, adults are now being detained and prosecuted without their children where the latter are being detained at facilities a bit more like a Holiday Inn, than a cage as the anti-American slime balls would have you believe. (update–Trump has recently given in signed an executive order on family separation for illegals.

Trump executive order illegal immigrants
president trump signs executive order illegal aliens


The Democrats and leftists do not care one whit about the illegals and/ or their children, as anyone can tell from the statements and obstructionist voting they have displayed against 2 republican bills that have since tried to alleviate this problem. They demand, quite unlawfully, to thrust these families into our country at any cost.

They are totally obfuscating our laws while at the same time are completely void of any knowledge of the true bible teachings they so pompously and hypocritically scream for!   Even more appalling is the fact that Obama’s administration was previously doing the same thing, if not worse at incredible rates. How paradoxical is it, would you say, that there was never an outcry then by the deceptively vicious liberal politicians or the fake news media?

The dishonest liberal politicians know damn well that these laws have been on the books before Trump came into office. We also know, as any self-respecting person with half a brain understands that this is all POLITICALLY DRIVEN by the dishonest democratic politicians and the vast majority of misguided and ill-advised sycophants of the American left wing, liberal persuasion.

Are there a few more ironies here to be found? I would say so. Some of the largest advocates of unlimited immigration to America are predictably, the usual suspects who castigate its citizens as racists, sexists, xenophobes and a magnitude of other insidious accusations. Gee, did you ever wonder why anyone would want to come to America at all?

Think about this question quite seriously: Would any of these depraved political charlatans (are you listening Nancy or Maxine) ever open their homes to these kids or their families or any illegal immigrants at large for that matter? I highly doubt it! They are all talk and pure B.S!  They have only one thing on their minds and it is not sympathy or compassion—not by a long shot!  These useless, liberal bigots have now dusted off their bibles to reinforce their totally malevolent and mindless Trump hatred onto the American public.


The main purpose of the last book of the Hebrew bible is to honor the HOUSE of King David and its citizens. Christianity respects the “Old Testament” as their theology honors it as a book of their own. Attorney General Jeff Sessions, quite nobly, tried to imply these ideas with his bible text quote.

But where does this leave us now? As the Democratic congress has rejected two recent congressional bills trying to amend the current laws, our President has intermittently signed an executive action to keep them together for the time being. As the abusive, left-wing Democrats see it, the choices are: put children in adult detention centers (which they despise), put adults in these centers (not even thinkable), or bring back “catch and release” which will flood more illegals loose into our country.

The liberal Democrats and media (not to forget some of the ‘great minds’ in the Republican Party) are not following the “bible”—which quite suddenly, they pathetically and laughably seem to want to abide by. (their hypocrisy never fails to amaze). The book of Chronicles in the bible ends with a somber and sad conclusion: “The end of America (or Israel) as we once knew it that King David worked his whole life to build!”



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