Did Obama order the Trump Russia investigation to SPY on the Donald Trump campaign because of the “fear” of Russian hacking of the 2016 election? Or was this just a smokescreen to conceal his true reasons: To keep Trump from winning the 2016 presidency?

Here’s a short but concise encapsulation so all readers can see the truth of what has conspired with our FBI and CIA under the detestable hoodlum by the name of Barack Hussein Obama, not to mention our Republican ‘Deep State’ vermin whose childish envy was betrayed for the world to see.

We now have a plethora of EVIDENCE that overwhelmingly shows this to be a POLITICAL CONSPIRACY as well as a ‘coup’ of the highest order, that was instigated overseen, and actively involved by the Hussein Obama White House administration.


The despicably ‘improper’ indictment of Carter Page and later Michael Flynn, whom we now suspect was not guilty of anything alleged against him; JUST COERCED by the FBI to protect his family and personal bank account, was the FIRST escapade that ignited this totally amazing inquisition planned by the highest level of a debased, corrupt FBI; under the supervision of Obama. As of recently, most journalists were fearful of alleging Obama’s oversight into this plan to overtake a potential win by Trump in the 2016 election.

However, a few weeks ago, commentators at Fox News and their guests have started to state, albeit a bit reluctantly, that Obama was indeed the mastermind of this fake, unconstitutional Trump/Russian investigation. It’s certainly about time that this PC bullshit stopped and we get down to the bare facts about Obama and the Clinton campaigns role in the inauguration of this American tragedy!

But let us not forget the CIA’s early involvement with Obama lackey John Brennan, which quite curiously started before and the FBI’s official probe even began. Mr. Brennan was already gathering together at CIA headquarters the full cast of HUSSEIN Trump haters whom he could forcefully direct. These included the now infamous Peter Strzok, James Clapper, (Brennan’s lemming), and the complete cast of his buddies at the Treasury Dept


We now know that “Spygate” as it has come to be called, was indeed the very beginning of the Obama and Clinton/Democrats insurance policy to initiate the Trump /Russia investigation. The notorious professor, Steven Halper, was initially implanted into the Trump campaign in July of 2016 to give the traitors in the Obama administration and the FBI sufficient reason to manufacture this Hoax of an inquisition into the president.

In fact, Steven Halper, was indeed, a spy who gathered secret information on the small fry Trump advisors Carter Page and George Papadopolus–for nefariously suspect reasons. Any person who claims otherwise is a total fool (quite likely) or a pure demagogue!  Mr. Halper’s history is quite troubling; particularly in light of his role in the 1980’s presidential scandal.

The fake news critics and even the upstanding (?) conservative Republican Trey Gowdy have called this action of the FBI “just what my fellow citizens would want me to do”.  While Trey Gowdy has been helping to root out these phony allegations into Russian collusion, he shows his true colors here as a lackey for Paul Ryan and current FBI director Christopher Wray, to quote him: “slow down on the FBI ‘informant’ stuff! Trey Gowdy has now shown himself to be a wimpy surrogate of Speaker Ryan (thank god this deep state reprobate Ryan, will soon be gone)

Why does Mr. Gowdy insist on using the word ‘informant’ during a criminal investigation when in fact, this was purposely set up as a counter-terror investigation. (there was no other way the rat pack could set this up otherwise) Why do we not use SPY’S during counter-terror investigations, Mr. Gowdy?

As such, The Obama White house was actively involved in getting President Trump investigated. There was nothing at all decisively suspicious about the meetings of Carter Page with certain Russian officials in any way and they knew this from the outset. However, this was their devious way to ignite the perfect storm over these alleged “ties”.

John Brennan and Democratic slime ball Harry Reid wrote a letter to the already biased, FBI director James Comey urging him to start and investigation into these pathetic, alleged ties. The two loving Obama misfits, Peter Strozyk and Lisa Page were already insidiously writing between each other and knew exactly what was going on and how the moves must be carried out. Interestingly, one of their text messages mentioned the Obama White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough’s name.

Here is clear and incontrovertible evidence that Barack Obama was well aware of what was going on, despite the insistent lies of the FBI prior to the 2016 election proclaiming that the president our country was not at all involved. This outright deception had slowly started to build before any of the few “normal” news outlets and reporters were even aware of it, not to mention the American people!

    ( “It is now apparent that it NEVER WAS THE RUSSIANS who were trying to “fix” the election–it was BARACK OBAMA”! )

When we the people, finally became aware of the criminal activity of the Clinton campaign ‘email scandal’ as well as the Democrat funding of the phony “Steele Dossier” they had whipped up by a former twerp with the English Secret Service, all hell broke loose. Liar Comey and his donkey followers at the top echelon of the FBI went on to cover up this criminality in front all of America as they predicted their show horse, Clinton, would be the new president. Now the wheels really began turning. It involved taking the heat off of the Clinton scandal and somehow turning it around and ONTO the Trump campaign.

Then FBI director James “two faced” Comey, masterfully told the American public why Hillary should not be indicted without even an investigation, as we later found out. Then put his thespian hat on when the tides changed against her, to show his TRUTHFUL non-partisanship. (A true lying swine, indeed.


What went on here is now quite obvious to any casual or politically astute observing American as the plot continues to thicken. Simply put, the Democrats, the Clinton campaign and our esteemed FBI actively covered up criminal activity on their part (with the mishandling of classified material and the Uranium One malfeasance, illegal monitoring of the President (and U.S. citizens) based on a ridiculously phony, dirty dossier, thereby gaining a totally fraudulent and illegal “Fisa Warrant” to surveil and initiate the current investigation to damage President Trump’s campaign.

The most dangerously disgusting thing about this politically motivated conspiracy to debunk a sitting president is that it can and did happen in America, with the help of the former president, the ‘leftist’ democratic (Clinton) party, the infamous FBI and maybe even worse: the jealous and most ENVIOUS of the “Deep State” Republicans. All of the above being truly representative of the greasiest, fascist, dictatorships and third world countries!

As we currently observe all of this deceitful garbage falling around us, very shortly, (June, 14th update) Inspector General of the DOJ, Michael Horowitz will release his long-awaited report. It was one reason for the justification of the firing of former FBI deputy director and malcontent, Andrew McCabe. This should conclusively show evidence that will hopefully bring Jeff Sessions to appoint a special council for possible indictments, although, unfortunately, I wouldn’t hold my breath on it!

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