Is there any type of definitive way to properly analyze what’s wrong with today’s liberal mind? Can today’s liberal ideology be truly defined as such or have these ideas spawned into what we now consider an extreme leftist way of thinking? What used to be described as a free-thinking political view has since developed over the years into a strange pathology which has taken on some of the most hypocritical, quasi-fascist and subversive radical elements our country has seen in decades. In fact, today’s liberalism has nothing to do with the political left. It truly begs the question, “are today’s liberals really left-wing progressives in disguise?

Some of the most obvious symptoms fiercely display an overly treacherous and dishonest mindset toward people, morality, America and its culture as well the world at large; inadvertently or subconsciously. Indeed, it overtly encompasses a contemptuously repulsive and indescribable way of thinking that seems to defy any type of understanding and true rationality. One might describe it as a misconception of our traditional, longstanding social mores and ethical standards, as well as our historical, socioeconomic way of life. They have truly corrupted Americas core principals of government and the intrinsic foundations that this country was founded upon.

Many, if not most liberals, seem to have developed extremely intense, deeply held beliefs and feelings of acute political correctness, envy, psychological dependency, class warfare and an infantile insecurity that seems to permeate throughout their whole being psychologically. It truly begs one to ask, “what or whom do they really see when they gaze deep into the mirror!”

It is now common practice for the left to simply ‘discard’ and/or refuse to acknowledge natural class distinctions among people while simultaneously harboring insidious and obsessive feelings about religion, race, nationalism and most amazingly, free speech! (arguably, the most innate belief of classic liberalism). When the left see inequality as a problem, they make sure NEVER to let others see the socialistic leanings they display- outwardly rejecting any connection between true inequality, free speech and ultimately the constitutional democracy that governs our country.


Quite naturally, this indescribably sick way of thinking brings to mind some of the most despicable and childish forms of ‘class warfare’ that they permeate throughout our society. To quote African American scholar Shelby Steele, “Liberalism is our biggest threat to our culture and our way of life”. Today, liberalism is no longer an ideology, focused on ideas. It is a sociology, bent on acquiring political power and social dominance. Democratic politicians and their liberal supporters in the mainstream media have moved steadily away from issues and toward the politics of identity. Can you think of a single issue highlighted in Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign? I bet you can’t.

A great question one might ask is why has this unorthodox phenomenon so ardently developed into what we see now over the past 30 years? (I have some good thoughts on this which would be abhorrent to the politically correct crowd and I bet you may also!). Why does modern liberalism stringently demand that hard work, monetary success and advantage be punished while people who choose to do less than nothing be rewarded?

Today particularly, is it not common to our society and all human beings that we are all offered a basic freedom of choice to pursue and try to accomplish as much as each of us desires? (keyword: desires?) Being a most politically incorrect person myself, I will admit one incontrovertible fact: No human being is born with equal talents and/or abilities. However, for the most part, it cannot be denied that there is virtually no other country in the world where each individual has the opportunity to develop and pursue each one’s skills as we can here in America, if so desired!


It appears that in the mind of today’s leftist democrats, the only way to ‘save’ humanity from this quite imperfect world, is to emphatically brush aside much if not all types of personal responsibility. By encouraging self-pity, government dependency, victimization while irresponsibly promoting an attitude of anything goes; as long as it pleases me, today’s leftist views every problem they may encounter as the fault of ‘others’ and/or the world; never themselves.

Left wing thinkers have this psychological “trait” if you will, that everyone must be seen as equal in abilities, learning acuity, productivity and innate talent (this being so obviously ridiculous that one cannot believe this was taught to them but maybe, dare I say, was an early psychological infliction?). As such, they must protect their self-esteem (or lack thereof) by projecting on to certain groups ideas that keep them continuous victims in society which in turn predictably uplifts their own self-worth. It may not be that they are so concerned with the problems of others, but more so, – how can I make myself FEEL BETTER as a person.

The most dangerous outcome of this type of thinking is that in certain critical life situations, this quite obviously, can endanger the lives of the very people that they are so altruistically trying to help and/or PROTECT! This type of defense mechanism is truly of a subconscious, self-centered evil nature and one that the best psychiatrists would have a heyday analyzing! On another note, can anyone not look at the sick and diseased outbursts they so unabashedly displayed since Mr. Trump won the last election and not think, “What in the name of God is wrong with these people; are they truly insane??

I of all people know that there is nothing wrong with a good, solid polemical argument or debate, but the current left wing in America has certainly taken this process to a point that one would never have imagined some 20 or 30 years ago. (and with no shame whatsoever!)

As we can readily see every day, race and political correctness has become the leftist’s pièce de résistance when viewing the world through their absurd mindset and one can readily admit that they have learned to use it quite competently indeed! Race and racism is a word that is fascinating to observe in political and social debate with today’s liberals. The word is thrown around to the point that it is quite pathetically laughable and in fact, I would bet that many liberals have lost sight or (never knew) what the word racism actually means!!

One thing is for sure: as it is often used by the left wing in debate, it immediately cuts off further dialogue with their opponents as this word has become the lefts big “Equalizer”; never failing to abuse it in conversation when they have nowhere to run to. (After that they usually walk out of the room as I have personally experienced many times!) Pathetically, most of today’s liberals, I believe, bring race into a conversation when it may, in fact, not be duly warranted and/or justifiable as in the context of a particular discussion.

Unfortunately, this can be astounding and hysterically insulting as well as embarrassing (hardly for them) but for the accused and it has now become a means by which it is used to shock society as well as their opponents. On the other hand, it seems that in the mind of a leftist, race is the ‘all encompassing’ problem that dominates our society and the world. (Isn’t it amazing that they never bother to really think deeply…and to somehow acknowledge this anomaly to themselves?)

But is it any wonder? Our insidious wimpy teachers, professors, corporate heads, and societal leaders for the past forty years have continually let them get away with these types of diatribes (having cowardly been doing it themselves) further encouraging its use, thereby making the allegation virtually meaningless when the ‘real’ thing is exposed! While there are always exceptions, faculty in liberal arts and humanities departments are overwhelmingly located squarely on the political left. (The latest proof of this—not that any proof is needed for anyone with just the most casual acquaintance with academia—is a study by researchers Mitchell Langbert, Anthony J. Quain, and Daniel B. Klein.)   Leftist Bias on Campus

The Clan sees the world in terms of race and ethnicity. So do Liberals” Anne Coulter


And so, in the minds of many liberals, only the never ending ‘oppressors’ (Caucasian people) can have that nasty heavy burden of “racial bias” planted firmly on our shoulders as they perceive this ‘problem’ to be historically built into our genetic makeup since time immemorial. Thus, we see here yet another huge, liberal generalization advanced and promoted by their subordinates, cronies and the mass left wing media.

This destructive, deeply molded and ill-defined perception has become “ingrained” in today’s liberal mind. Maybe… just maybe this strange and consistently peculiar use of race in political and social debate could, in fact, be a repressed, hidden psychological enigma? Could it possibly be pointing to a much deeper and controversial psychological problem that many of today’s liberals would DARE not explore–for fear of terrifyingly exposing their minds to some of their own disparaging inner feelings on race they so hypocritically allege onto others! (Would Freud call this ‘projection’?)


Ultimately, the inability to recognize good and evil in man and the world around us is yet another painfully obtuse trait that affects today’s liberal leftist’s mind. It’s as if they are (consciously) fooling themselves about people, basic human instincts as well as the world they live in with an idealistic, yet righteous virtuosity that only they can identify with. Today, the left-wing mind will not allow themselves to see the real world as it truly is. (is not fantasy more fun than reality?).

The pathetic part is that they dare not stop to analyze their self-deceiving thought processes. As such, they do not usually welcome purely factual debate (mostly moral relativism), tolerance or the need to learn from others opinions (even when they are just spewing forth what other lemmings have repeated to them) or the ability to face certain truths about society, human nature, morality and most of all, themselves (be it good or BAD!)

With this comes a refusal to acknowledge the fact that this world is not the wonderland they so ignorantly pretend it to be. Ideologically speaking, this is a huge psychological problem and indeed, something that has become a despicable, and quite deranged mystery to many people of all political persuasions!

There is no doubt in my mind that today’s progressive liberalism entails a newer population of people and youngsters who do not realize that their ideas, world views and ways of dealing with our world and its people virtually borders on what one might call “illusory” and in the process of implementing them, is not at all far from downright fascism! (historically speaking, Hitler was only a half-step to the right of Stalin! – read Jonah Goldberg’s article on this)

As most leftists are inherently secular thinkers, their twisted ideas that make no moral distinctions between right and wrong or indeed, good and evil is nothing to just brush off our shoulders like some “snowflakes” of dandruff (pun intended!) Unfortunately, they’re totally insidious ways of thinking have brought to fruition a major detriment to a way of life and culture here in America (not to mention what’s happening in Europe) that many of us used to cherish quite dearly.


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  1. Yes, Yes, Yes!!!! So very spot on and well laid out that possibly a Liberal may understand.

    If they read more then the first sentence. They run from truthers like this.

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