THE IRAN NUCLEAR DEAL: Death Can’t Come Fast Enough!

The Iran nuclear deal, insidiously inspired and implemented by Hussein Obama and his maleficent negotiator John Kerry  appears to have finally come to its full death. Sources say that this catastrophic events life support may be cut within a week. President Trump will soon announce his decision to pull out of the Iranian deal despite continued U.S. adherence to the deal negotiated in 2015 between Iran and the United States, China, Russia, Britain, France, Germany, and the rest of European Union.

That decision will be made easier by the revelation earlier this week, courtesy of Israeli intelligence, that Iran’s leaders have been lying for years about their intentions in the nuclear arena. This could have easily been identified earlier by anyone with any normal insight into the duplicitous, murderous and destructive regime that the world has been dealing with for the last 25 years.

Do not kid yourself. The apparent stupidity of the leaders of the European nations (our allies…) understand this quite well. They totally comprehend how Obama circumvented our constitution in enacting this deal. However, what is more important to them are the possible trade impacts the deal would have despite the ongoing “multicultural” deterioration their countries are currently enduring. Macron, Merkel and the U.S. supporters of this deal know to well the felonious frenzy Iran has been on since its implementation.

They obviously don’t give a damn about how the mass destruction caused by their Arab/Muslim influx has raped their people by any and all means. With the Iranian nuke deal still in place, the outlook for Europe in the near future looks quite dim either way— even if this horrendous deal were to be somehow re-worked by the Trump Administration and Europe.


Last week Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu revealed that his nation’s intelligence operatives had seized a major cache of more than 100,000 documents secretly hidden by the Iranian regime. The true nature of this “deal” has been finally exposed to the world and as Netanyahu has said “the nuclear deal is BASED on lies and Iranian deception”. As such it certainly makes Obama and Kerry look more insipidly deranged than we had already known!

Ironically as you will read further on, the Europeans have been criticizing Netanyahu ever since then although they surely know what is going on here.

Exactly what have these geniuses been saying? They assert that there was nothing new in the material that was presented—nothing new in the showcasing of Iran’s own evidence of deceit and all the specifics of the weapons program. How interesting, no?

Of course, the criticism and pathetically dangerous diatribe of these liars and fools is all false. The IAEA by its own reporting has never claimed to have anywhere near the full access of Iran’s own documentation. If it is the European Security Council contention that they knew every detail of Iran’s perfidious program presented by Israel and understood the illicit duplicity of it, how could they have negotiated such a weak and dangerously pusillanimous deal with the Ayatollahs?

The EU proudly (yet embarrassingly) proclaimed that this pact was put in place because of a lack of trust between the parties; otherwise a nuclear deal would not be required…! Did you get that? They state that they KNEW they were lying and so they cut an absurdly ludicrous deal that does nothing to dismantle a program they knew was going on even though the Iranian leaders swore that they did not! (that in itself is a joke!)

Let’s think this outrageous lunacy through a bit. The EU knew they were lying and so when sanctions were finally beginning to cut into their murderous regime and put them on the ropes, Obama cuts an unbelievably inane deal to LIFT the economic pressure off of them—and give this repressive regime more power to repress their people while continuing to spread terror and bloodshed around the region and the world. (No thanks to the billions of cash Hussein pushed into their pockets: I wonder how big a cut of that money Obama stashed away???).


Obama and Kerry constructed an imbecilic accord that intentionally let Iran off the hook. The weapons program continues, quite secretly as they still lie to our faces about it! Obama’s perfidious notion since he was sinfully elected, was about transforming Iran so that it could take its place as a constructive player in the “community of Nations”. (such an asinine idea could only come from a diseased mind)

What is more insane is that they believed by adopting this approach, it would help bring stability to the Middle East while redacting America’s footprint in the region. (As we have seen in the recent months, Hussein Obama did this quite well as Russia now teams with Syria to cause even more danger to the region and to America as well)

Contrary to the workings of Obama misanthropic mind, America ‘s standing in the world has only decreased under his administrations contemptuous deeds while actually increasing the chances of an unprecedented danger in the very near future.

While such a basic misunderstanding of the problems that the Arab/Muslim nations have caused in the region as well as the world is not something new in the history of America’s State Department, it had never decayed to such malfeasance, ignorance and misconduct as with the Obama Administration.

In fact, all of this required an insidious group of mindless, core believers to carry out Obama’s destructive message. Not surprisingly, this was based on some foolish fiction pertaining to an ongoing struggle between Iranian moderates and hardliners; concluding with the election of Hassan Rouhani, Iran’s new president.

This was the pretense and reasons that precipitated the outright propaganda and selling of the JCPOA bill that we now have before us. It was ignorantly marketed as an exclusive option between a savagely dangerous “deal” or all out war! As such, we have come to the notion that having pushed forth this blatant act of simpleminded foolishness would leave America with no other option besides war. However, it does leave us the obvious question: Should or Is Netanyahu pursuing war with Iran?


Unfortunately, the apparent position of America visa vie leverage with the European nations —all of them demanding to fix this atrociously dangerous deal, does not start from the time Hussein Obama warned of Iran’s shrinking time clock to get this deal through by any means possible. Not at all.

During his watch, while opposing in 2012 the economic sanctions that finally brought Iran to the table, so to speak, Americas biggest problem right now is the result of Obama’s weak, idiotic, madness at the time by not cutting dry the six UN Security Council resolutions that took some hard, painstaking work to put in place over the last 10 years.

As it stands now, it appears that while the whole of Europe is clamoring for President Trump to FIX this irreparable deal, the odds are that inevitably it will be completely trashed, something that our President was smart and intuitive enough to know right from the beginning but was waiting for the proper time and findings to implement it.

But don’t be misled. Any future choice between war with Iran and acquiescence will ultimately be because America was hook, lined and suckered into a flagrant, belligerent, ill-conceived Iranian deal conspired by a lying, evil and abomination we called the Obama administration

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