“Will the real James Comey please stand up!’ This was final question from James Daley, the host of the fabulous late 1950’s television show “Whats my Line”.The program was a tremendously entertaining show which lasted into the early 60’s. And so I wonder, Who Is The Real James Comey? If James Comey had been a guest on What’s My Line’ the panelists would have guessed who he is within 2 minutes, as most people now fully understand how abundantly clear this insidious character truly is! For possibly the first time in our history, this underhanded and heinous former FBI chief, is not only disdained and disrespected by Republicans- but by many Democrats as well.


You would think that such a tall person physically would have the confidence and sincerity of a rock. No–this pitiful little man was endowed with anything but that. Despite his lying, self-serving, unethical excuse for a book, he walks around as if he is the closest thing to a saint! (with the Russian probe of our president still going on, I’m amazed that he was even allowed to write a book- only in America?) The biggest question is how he survived so long as head of our FBI?


For an FBI director to be so feckless as to take such an obviously partisan side in our 2016 election is abominable and till now, quite unthinkable. His lying to congress about his conscious, immoral decision on the Hillary Clinton email investigation is beyond the pale.

Can you imagine—assuming his darling Hillary would beat Mr. Trump he proceeded to avoid prosecuting Clinton when he irrefutably knew she was breaking the law. This epitome of corruption is more than detestable! (We now know this unethical man had already decided not to proceed to prosecute Hillary even before his phony investigation started; as there was and STILL IS, not a whisper of sheer evidence of Trump/Russian collusion till this day!) Then, when he saw that the results were not what he anticipated (and what he wanted), he re-opens the case just to save face—the obvious sign of a coward and a WEAKLING!

Why did he make these decisions? The answer is simple and straight forward: He couldn’t take or implement the hard, clearly discernible moral decisions and obligations before him! This further implicates his feckless leadership and lack of character that were needed and thrust before him, but that he somehow could not handle.


After the infamous meeting Bill Clinton had with Susan Rice (another disgusting despot) he proceeded to make that notorious July statement which was indisputably unprecedented for an FBI agent. Any normal and respectful representative of the FBI would have referred back to the Department of Justice after the corrupt Loretta Lynch recused herself and put the decision to Sally Yates to handle. No, not James Comey. His self-aggrandizing, dishonorable personality went back to his biased ‘above the law’ decision making; putting our once great FBI into a thoroughly compromised situation.

These are the truths that Prince James understands quite well, but what the heck, its only our country’s principles that are at stake…doesn’t matter to him! How anybody can look at him without throwing up is beyond me as he looks into the cameras with that arrogant and a sacrosanct look. When this pusillanimous fraud testified in front of the Senate Intel Committee,  he told Senator Diane Feinstein that his reckless interactions and immoral decision making between him and the criminal Obama left him feeling nauseous. Oh, how comforting that is to hear. He further said a person with more backbone and character would have acted differently!


1.  A huge, misfit of an actor who actually took the political polls into consideration when determining whether or not to inform the FBI about the reopening of the Clinton email investigation.

2. Comey came to despise Trump or as I personally presume, was an Obama loyalist from the beginning. However, instead of resigning from the job as any respectful person would do who had disagreements with the president, he purposefully waited for Trump to fire him and then told the world everything he had been telling Trump in private- basically that he was not under investigation.

3 .This ingrate, truly admired his criminal ‘comrades’ themselves, namely Hussein Obama, and Loretta Lynch among others. Whether or not he was always a fan of Obama is up for debate. In any event, this malcontent clearly let his political bias interfere in the 2016 election.

4. Comey says he felt upset over his interference in the election and as such, got down on his pathetic knees in his new book trying to convince Hillary that his intentions were good (lol)—and as previously mentioned, re-opened his investigation because of how the pollsters overwhelmingly showed that she was leading in the polls. What a contemptible, loathsome man you are Mr. Comey!


As is quite obvious, any person, even without a political bent, can see how James Comey has enraged his former FBI colleagues and Americans as a whole. The former’s anger and frustration have been pouring out of the news media with utter disdain and contempt, not only concerning his allegedly illegal manipulation of the 2016 election but his undeniable bias against our President. To make matters even more embarrassing, his lies and musings in his new book are not only self-serving and pretentious, but a disgrace to the FBI.

To quote a former FBI official: “J Edgar Hoover is most likely spinning in his grave at this very moment!”

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