The current situation and news reporting regarding the African migrants in Israel has been a windstorm of lies, bias and the usual amount of Israel bashing which has always been the staple of the medias ignorant, consistent and never-ending Jew hatred. I dare you to find ONE article which truthfully explains and examines the facts regarding the migrants within the state of Israel. The fact of the matter is you won’t; so lets breathe a bit of truthful fresh air onto the subject: NOW!


Most of the people who have crossed the Egyptian border to Israel “illegally” are from Eritrea; a state that has been assessed by non-other than the UN as being accused of crimes against humanity (The UN should know a lot about that!) and the rest are from the war-torn state of Sudan.

They initially started crossing the border to Israel through Egypt in 2009 having fled the harsh dictatorship in Eritrean. These Sudanese asylum seekers were fleeing genocide in Darfur as well as being caught between Sudan and South Sudan. Egypt kept them out, preferring to shoot many of them until a fence was built along their desert border. This ended EGYPT’S mass illegal immigration problem. However, the Israeli government preferred instead to let them cross the Sinai border and into Israel to escape the killing they were subjected to. This was, presumably, considered the right thing to do AT THE TIME!

The fact remains that as Israel (as would be true in most countries around the world) confronts this huge problems, as a country (the size of New Jersey) particularly today, they have FAR less capacity to absorb thousands of poor refugees who have crossed into Israel ILLEGALLY; a fact that cannot be ignored or denied, however much the world and the anti-Semitic press tries to ignite a double standard on Israel. (Nothing new here, huh??)

The citizens of Israel, much like any “normal thinking” people here in America, have finally gotten wise to the fact that only a handful of Eritreans and Sudanese have been recognized as ‘refugees’ by the UN (and who in God’s name would give these hoodlums any respect or sincerity about anything that goes on in the West; not to mention, Israel) since they took over processing of applications from the UN in 2009. The people now infiltrating Tel Aviv “claim” to be refugees but in fact, are basically economic migrants.


Besides the above stated facts, the despicable propaganda and fake news of the LEFT in America and Israel, as well as the Anti-Jewish diarrhea coming out of the European Nations, shows us that these blowhard ‘pundits’ have not visited TEL AVIV lately!

Well, to all the name throwers, including the hypocritical, progressive Jews of Israel, saying “that’s not Jewish” I say “take a bath and wash out your decrepit brains and learn some REAL JUDAISM and NORMALCY as well as some of Israel’s refugee laws and policies! Quite factually, the vast numbers of murders, rapes and robberies have more than quadrupled in the last seven years since these migrants have built their tents in the country.

This is a truly irrefutable “occupation” in the middle of Tel Aviv (as if the Arab 5th column wasn’t enough– not to mention the “terrorists” harboring on the Gaza border) and indeed, the southern part of Tel Aviv has since become an unsafe slum. I can safely say that this is particularly non-eventful for most of the slimy Israel detractors and media critics of the world, who never have and/or never will live there. They have destroyed these once lovely neighborhoods as the crime rates keep increasing every year! South Tel Aviv’s Israeli residents are becoming “refugees” in their own country”

According to current police statistics, African asylum seekers account for 70% of the population of the Neve Shaanan community of Tel Aviv but are responsible for 40% of the crime as well as criminal activity. As our President Donald Trump is wisely trying to KEEP AMERICA SAFE, (currently employing troops on our border until the WALL is ready to be funded), the same can be said of P.M Netanyahu.


As predicted, the leftist Jews, who thankfully are a small minority in Israel, are partially responsible for this anti-Jewish rhetoric and protesting. What is much worse and more sickening are the detestable AMERICAN Jewish Organizations and Reform Rabbi’s  who are demanding (as is their motto) that Israel be destroyed from within; much as they have been doing with the Arab problem for the last forty years.

The fact that these traitorous, progressive American (so called) Jews have the chutzpah to send Mr. Netanyahu letters demanding that he stop the deportations is shameful enough, despite the fact most Israeli’s support the expulsion of the illegal migrants. The fact of the matter is that  the Eritreans are not refugees; they are being used by the deviant left-wing organizations and the NGO!

As of this writing, Netanyahu’s recent agreement with the UN was to deport these migrants to a third-party African country (probably Rwanda). This decision was met from the oblivious, anti-Israel world community with expected, hypocritical wide spread condemnation. Netanyahu has since decided to strike a deal to keep at least half of these migrants in Israel. However, this has now dissipated thanks to the notorious, socialist, world demon himself, George Soros and the Jewish National Fund.

Israeli’s, rightfully, are asking why it is their responsibility to be solving problems in Africa and question the economic and social impact of absorbing non-Jewish migrants. Isn’t it enough that since the founding of the state, the anti-Israeli Arabs who live WITHIN the state are for the most part, not loyal to Israel?


Over 70% of Jewish Israelis are against granting the migrants residency. However, within that group some support granting residency to those migrants who qualify for OFFICIAL REFUGEE STATUS—but under the assumption that the number (however few) recorded are indeed scrutinized.


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