SYRIAN CHEMICAL ATTACK: World War 3? (Fools For Thought)

France and England are ready to join America as President Trump has announced that a Strike on Syria is imminent as regarding the latest Syrian chemical attack on its own people last week. The Navy has sent four warships armed with ballistic missiles into the Eastern Mediterranean These targets include 2 Syrian airfields, a research center and a chemical weapons factory.

At the moment, Vladimir Putin is already shaking a bit (despite the Kremlin’s propaganda on a 3rd World War) while his diplomats are furiously talking with Assad as both have vacated their air bases and strategic targets around the country. Add to this, British Prime Minister Teresa May has ordered their submarines to move within missile range of Syria. I would certainly not call this the reaction of a country ready to engage in a third world war, by any means!


Let’s get one thing clear. There are a few knowledgeable and respected conservative pundits who are a bit “testy” when it comes to declaring that Assad’s chemical weapon use cannot be verified.  However, as of today, April 12, there are a few reliable sources that have confirmed this. as well as in France.

The most obvious reasons, ridiculous as this might seem, that one may suspect that the chemicals may have been dispensed by the Syrian insurgents and/or rebels of the Assad regime and not the psychopath himself, is quite obvious. Certain individuals, writers and extreme left and right wing fake news blogs, regardless of the current circumstances in Syria, believe that America does not belong there in any way, shape or form. Their short sidedness and lack of knowledge of the Middle East (added to a more sinister psychological problem) involves ideas they cannot accept; thereby indirectly advocating admittedly sincere opinions that can be most destructive to the American people.


One can certainly argue as to whether Trump should keep our troops in Syria after this oncoming attack takes place. (revenge is GOOD, in the proper place and time; ‘Talmud’).  But don’t be so naive to think that these despicable acts of depravity by Assad were launched by other parties involved in this ongoing civil war!

Putin knows quite well that he has aided and abetted Assad quite dramatically in poisoning his own citizens! The Israeli Foreign ministry has ruled unequivocally that Assad and his regime had used chemical weapons against civilians this past Sunday. (Sure, you say, — they have a huge dog in this fight…do they not?). Well that “dog” certainly can and may well be MORE prepared to fight at this MOMENT with or without America and our ‘European Allies’ – (understandable, NO???)

It has been ALLEGED that Saudi Arabia and Israel propped up the theory of Assad’s chemical weapons use in Douma in order to keep American troops stationed in Syria. Even if this  ALLEGATION was true, it does not hinder the fact that any type of chemical and/or nuclear proficiency by these 2 murderous regimes are, in fact, America’s worst nightmare! So that would mean that Tucker Carlson has no moral obligation to his country’s safety?? Think about that, Tucker!

The newest  theory has been alleged by a Dr. Mordechai Kedar is that Iran has a “new” chemical that was needed to test out on the Syrian people. Countering that, InforWars Paul Joseph Watson says the Syrian rebels in Ghouta themselves carried out the attack on their own people in order to cause Trump to keep American troops in Syria.

Spreading propaganda and conspiracy theories to keep America from re-entering Syria’s “circular” cesspool, once again, is certainly as stupid an assumption as I have ever heard! Trump and Bolton know this and the cowering Europeans certainly are not fighters, no less hawks! The only thing more ludicrous than all the above is the denial by Putin that Russia had anything to do with it (Why might I ask, Russia is even there in the first place is the scariest question—why not ask Hussein Obama?)


This strike will obviously ONLY BE another cold, hard lesson for a rabid psychopath and hopefully showing the filthy leaders of Iran that they dare not mess with America or violate international law.  The fact that Bashar Assad is definitely less intelligent than his deceased father, while at the same time just evil or more, so only makes things that much worse. Even so, most experts are overly skeptical that President Trump’s response would not be too much different than the limited attack that he launched last year.

Trump is correct in ordering an attack at this time on Syria. Why? Because the Russians are giving Syria full military and diplomatic support to Assad, as well as the Iranians and maybe most importantly, Hezbollah in Lebanon. For these actions not to be met with a strong response is stupid and totally irresponsible; particularly with the stockpiles of chemical weapons Syria owns and has delivered to Hezbollah from Iran.

As long as this dictator thinks he has a free hand to slaughter and murder civilians with CHEMICALS whenever he chooses, the AMERICAN PEOPLE ARE NOT SAFE, never mind the Syrians, whatever sects they may belong to! The UN is a pathetic and laughable joke, indeed, and has since been rendered meaningless. On the other hand, it most certainly is a given fact that America will not go any further in their attack than described above.

Even the politically correct, left wing sissy Macron of France has stated and to paraphrase him: “France will not allow any escalation that could harm the stability of the region as a whole and we can’t let “regimes” do anything they want, including the worst things that violate international law left unbridled and tolerated”. (This idiot should take a second look at what he has done to his own country).


Bashar Assad must not and will not be allowed to violate the agreement to abandon ‘unconventional weapons use’ by Syria that was reached, but never enforced by the biggest miscreant of them all: Barak Hussein Obama. Unfortunately for Israel, they may indeed be the only player in this game that could endure some potential harm– but no need to worry about them; some higher force is on their side!

UPDATE (4/13 – Israel has just confirmed that the Iranian Drone that was shot down over Israeli territory contained some type of bomb. This indicates that if and when America hits Syria in the next few days, Iran will strike Israel. Iran better be aware that if they strike Israel, there is a good chance that Tehran may be completely destroyed!

As for the many Americans and some conservative pundits who doubt that President Trump is doing the right thing here, I ask you to think hard and deep as you explore your TRUE inner feelings and possibly, the DARKER reasons as to why you may believe this. Most of you already know what is going on in your mind; do you dare to truly speak about it

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