President Donald Trump has assigned former UN Ambassador John Bolton for National Security Director. If and when you start reading from the ‘Left Wing Media’ that Mr. Bolton would be a dangerous choice by the President (and you will), just toss that detestable slop of horse manure back to the toilet and flush it down quickly as more ‘Fake News’ straight from the pigpen where the slop will be emanating.

John Bolton is and always was the perfect choice as Trumps National Security Advisor and for so much more than just one reason.

Most importantly, he understands the Middle East and every one of its nations intents and ambitions better than anyone in Washington; and it goes without saying in Europe. As for the United States biggest threat, Iran (no, Israel is Iran’s 2nd devil in the lineup to those that still do not realize this) he has always known clearly that they must be stopped from getting nuclear weapons at any cost! (Some idiotic pundits have stupidly stated he is already preparing to bomb them! (See Medium, Nov.15, 2016)

There is no doubt that the Mullah’s of Iran will never negotiate away its nuclear weapons program and sanctions have been pathetically laughable. Tell that to Hussein Obama, who literally GAVE them the pathway to world destruction with his traitorous cash deal. While the legality of this has been heatedly disputed, here is the ultimate truth of the deal!

As long as one Iranian leader is still alive they will forge ahead at any cost, be it life or death!  What’s more, they have made significant headway in dominating Syria and have always owned Lebanon and Hezbollah. You won’t be hearing much of that from the lefties of the fake news media, that’s for sure.

The fact of the matter is that John Bolton recognizes these unconventional truths better than ANYBODY and is the ONLY person who is upfront and politically incorrect enough to be prepared to deal with them! A true American patriot and the best friend in Washington Israel could ever have (I can hear the leftist anti-Semites screaming already) he has been from the start, the ONE person with the foresight and moral courage to address these ultimate, oncoming dangers America and the world is currently facing.


Ambassador Bolton has been a key Republican party figure for decades, serving in the Reagan administration in the 1980’s where he worked in several high-level positions in George W. Bush’s administration including the State Department. He decisively foresaw then (contrary to All THE naysayers of Weapons of Mass Destruction, both Democrat and Republican) that Saddam Hussein’s chemical weapons were secretly transferred to Syria; hence the current death toll of millions of Syrian insurgents and innocents being massacred daily along with Russia’s help.

As it turned out, the realization now by President Trump that he had made a major mistake in overlooking Bolton early on in his cabinet choices gives me a great sense of satisfaction. Bolton was overwhelmingly opposed by the Anti-American Democrats as well as the divided Republicans, particularly by the enigma we call Rand Paul, calling him a “bad choice” who could promote secret wars. (There’s the difference on foreign policy that makes Paul the idiot that he is as compared to Bolton)

During the 2016 election campaign, Bolton, as expected, broke with the many conservative lemmings as he praised Donald Trump’s UNDERSTANDING of critical foreign policy positions. John Bolton, rightly, commended Trump when he said that Islamic militants are waging an “ideological war” on the West for calling the planned withdrawal of troops from Iraq as “reckless” (thanks Hussein!) and urging more military action against ISIS. (something Rand Paul will never understand).

John Bolton is the chairman of the most laudable Gatestone Institute which is a right wing , Pro-Israel activist group that is arguably one of the foremost and knowledgeable organizations as it pertains Islam’s violent ideology that is trying (and in many respects succeeding) to impose Sharia law on the whole world. As a longtime security hawk, Bolton will not tolerate any bullshit that these despicable savages will try to further impose on America. He understands, contrary to the lies of the Fake News Media, that the Palestinian Authority,  (headed by  the now decaying Mahmud Abbas), has consistently and till this day, denied Israel’s right to exist in its deceptive talk and murderous actions within Israel currently)


Early on in 2014, Bolton has addressed the Syrian civil war as a “circus sideshow” and that the United States should rather concentrate its efforts against the looming shadow of a nuclearized Iran. Anyone with an ounce of intelligence in the area knows that without Iran’s assistance, the Assad regime could not exist. He has advocated dealing with a regime change in Iran because of their relentless pursuit of nuclear weapons.


John Bolton was criticized as ‘controversial’ when he became a vocal critic of the despicable institution that it is. At the time of the great ‘Giuliani Administration’ Bolton claimed, admirably,” The Secretariat Building in New York has 38 stories. If you lost 10 stories today, it wouldn’t make a bit of difference”. George W. Bush praised Mr. Bolton consistently during his 16 months at the U.N. You tell me: is this one of the brightest men in Washington today?


Ambassador Bolton was enormously successful in negotiations at the National Security Council with adamant resolutions against North Korea’s nuclear activities. (Thanks Mr. Clinton!) He wrote an op-ed in The New York Post advising President Trump to UNDO the Iranian nuclear deal on his first day in office. Trump is now on the verge, quite wisely, of destroying Obama’s life-threatening work by May of this year. Notwithstanding his insistent call for curbing Korea’s nuclear proliferation, he STILL realizes, as Benjamin Netanyahu has stated, that the biggest threat to America and the world today is still Iran and radical Islamic terrorism that is spreading throughout the Middle East.


U.N ambassador John Bolton will be an effective, outspoken, STRONG and politically incorrect National Security Director for the United States. His impeccable knowledge and intelligence is particularly needed right now in light of the many threats we are facing around the globe. President Trump should have nominated him immediately after his ground breaking presidential win in 2016.

I look at him in the vein of the late Daniel Patrick Moynihan and Jeane Kirkpatrick; albeit being much tougher and stronger! Bolton knows how to deal with the scoundrels who are currently threatening the peace and safety to America; not to mention the world. More so, he takes no prisoners when dealing with the decapitating slime of the radical Islamist’s regime and you can bet your life on one thing: He will help protect this country as well as tiny Israel better than anybody now currently presiding in Washington!

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