Could the average American ever imagine the day in our country when a prominent political party would treacherously and subversively team up with our Department of Justice and the top echelon at the FBI to conspire to overthrow a presidential candidate? It seems amazingly, inconceivable — but knowing everything that we know as of today, it appears as if Obama’s clan of FBI and DOJ miscreants have literally done this! The predictably nauseating suspects involved here have never been immune to this type of behavior and so it may not be as shocking as it appears.

While in retrospect, the motives of Hussein Obama, Hillary Clinton and their bandwagon of unpatriotic thieves can be understood and analyzed by any self-respecting, normal thinking American quite easily, it has now become quite evident that our FBI has become a tool of Obama’s crew of anti-Trump political reprobates. The FBI itself and the FISA court had been used to promote a major theme of the Clinton campaign to win the presidency; can you IMAGINE what would have happened to our country if she had won?

There was a time when our FBI and DOJ were considered the most highly respected institutions of honor and integrity. Since Hussein Obama took office, these institutions have been infested with deceit and corruption by a bunch of self-aggrandizing criminal hacks who have impetuously tried to overthrow the Trump administration since its inception. It’s about time they have been uncovered for their blatant acts of treason!

The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act ( enacted in 1978) as a response to unlawful government spying after Watergate was and STILL IS a lawful means for the government to engage in foreign surveillance on US soil and while under George W. Bush, it further secured the country after 911 from Muslim terror and espionage. Under Obama, however, there is no doubt that this act was totally abused, corrupted and used illegally.  As the most recent information has emerged, the newest 2nd. Steele Dossier discovered by journalist Sara Carter has just been outed by the Republican party. This just released FBI memo most acutely implicates Hussein’s State Department and DOJ as well as the Clinton clan as co-conspirators and could, arguably, eventually be used for prosecutorial actions against Obama himself!

One must pensively wonder what kind of threshold and evidence was deliberately pushed aside and used to secure this FISA warrant?  (On the other hand, look at the current judge who by all intents and purposes, was one of the primary morons who signed off on the FISA wiretapping of President Trump.) We have since learned that there is some incontrovertible evidence that the Fisa warrant that was approved by Loretta Lynch could not have been implemented without the explicit knowledge of President Obama.

As of this writing, former U.S. prosecutor Joseph DeGenova  has correctly surmised that there was an overt, yet tightly concealed  plot inside the FBI to “exonerate Clinton and FRAME President Trump”. And you well know, they almost got away with it! What is going on right now in this country need really not be analyzed any further. Needless to say, Obama and the dirt bags in his administration along with the infamous Hillary, have brought our country to its lowest depths as a nation that we may have ever seen

Let’s now briefly, and quite angrily, outline a few of the contemptuous snakes from the FBI and DOJ that helped bring about this malignant and tragic situation.


A disturbingly corrupt and America hating AG who set Hillary free from her e-mail scandal as well as the deceitful ‘tarmac’ meeting with Bill Clinton. In just about almost any other country in the world, Lynch would have been prosecuted immediately!


Robert Mueller’s crime partner who masterfully planned the presentation of why Hillary should not be prosecuted way before his investigation only then to “seemingly” change his position (good actor) and reopen the investigation to show some sort of ‘lunatic’ non-partisanship. This obtuse liar allegedly utilized this dossier to seek the initial FISA warrant although ironically, he would label this same dossier as “salacious and unverified” eight months later under sworn testimony! This man should be cuffed immediately!


A sneaky dirt bag who was involved in the Russian Cover up of the sale of Uranium One. Allegedly, he’s been accused of hiding information he secretly gathered about the Trump investigation for many months. A ‘Deep State’ Anti- Trump collaborator if there ever was one. Trump should fire him immediately!


The FBI head after turncoat Comey was fired by Trump. We all know by now how he helped promulgate three quarters of a million dollars to his wife’s campaign via the Hillary crime gang. He was also involved in covering up Hillary’s e-mails, totally spitting at U.S law!  


Here is the ‘big-honcho’ of this group of scoundrels that the mainstream media has seemed to overlook, if that could be possible? One of, if not the biggest Trump haters of all Democrats, Weissman, a sly, shrewdly despicable attorney under the biased Mueller team is known for his boasting about acting AG Sally Yates when she refused to defend the Trump administrations travel ban. A big donator to the Hillary-DNC campaign. Here is a scoundrel of the first order!


Working as associate AJ at Obama’s DOJ, Ohr was recently ‘demoted’ (why not fired?) as he has close ties to Steele Fusion GPS who hired the British spy who wrote the infamous “Trump Dossier” which I’m sure Ohr had orgasms over! His wife Nellie was also involved having worked legitimately for this despicable company of malcontents. The Dossier has since been used to obtain a FISA warrant to spy on the ‘threat to our country’-Trump campaign.


Here we have the all-encompassing, adulterous, partisan slime bucket and his mistress who was a lead FBI investigator into Hillary’s emails and the now fraudulent, scandalous Russia Gate investigation. There was only one mission on these villainous devil’s minds: Destroy the possibility of a Trump presidency at any cost! Without doubt, of all of these undesirables, he should be prosecuted and tried for treason!! His mistress, Lisa Page (former trial attorney) was with him all the way as a ‘Deep State’ scoundrel as they both planned the way to ‘fixing’ the 2016 election.


There you have a few of the primary suspects of the so called, pathetic anti-Trump “Russia investigation” that if it was not happening before our very eyes, one might really start to believe this was a sadly produced off off Broadway show! Unfortunately, we all have seen and are much to familiar with the fact that everything the Clinton string alongs have touched and stretched their tentacles around in the last 30 years has turned to scandal and destruction.

This ongoing travesty contrived against our president is bad enough; however, we have since learned that these Clinton associates were simultaneously feeding Mr. (Dossier) Steele with this made up garbage on the President which is so outrageous that it could not be made up! To think that after George Bush arguably, saved America from countless post 911 terror attacks, Americans could have been so stupid–yes you heard me, as to put Obama into the White House not once, but TWO times. This ‘madness’ has literally infected my thought process in downright amazement! Right now, Americans are living through what is undoubtedly the worst scandal in U.S. history. It is undeniable that Barak Hussein Obama and his cohorts have literally brought America into the utmost depth of corruption, filth, anti-Americanism, racial unrest and the purest form of unadulterated chaos we have ever seen; practically turning this great country into a 3rd world toilet!

Is it any wonder our greatest, most patriotic POTUS has said, to paraphrase him “there’s a huge amount of damage that must be protracted by my predecessor’s administration”? So far, Donald Trump, through STRENGTH, PATRIOTISM and love of America, is slowly but surely (and against all odds) working his way to bringing our country back to what it was before the sewage of Obama flagrantly flushed us down the toilet. There is still a lot of ‘swamp sewage’ that Trump must first untangle and then DRAIN; lets hope its not to late!

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  1. I can basically agree with you Rudy. However, this and the evidence we know today is so overwhelmingly corrupt and and anti American, constitutionally, that you can’t close your eyes to the partisan illegal proceedings that Obama’s, the FBI and Clinton demonstrably undertook to sabotage our duly elected president.Thanks for your opinion!
    PS. My next article is on great living pianists- watch for it!

  2. This is so typical of a hateful mindset that thrives in an imbalance of opinion. Where’s the rationality? Must certain individuals be subject to an all-or-nothing derisive description (e.g., “Hussein Obama” is that spiteful spittle or what, the man deserves respect as our elected President and not scornful epithets).

    I dislike the current administration intensely and feel that our country is being steered is many hurtful directions, but I will not call our current President by an invective or foul name. It serves no purpose and only reflects on the writer.

    Seek balance for that is life. At least you love what I love, beautiful music.

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